Luxsquare Real Estate is specialised in the modern & luxury accommodation sector, focusing off-market network sales and short-term serviced rentals in the centre of Luxembourg and its surroundings.

As we understand that exclusivity has become a new norm, we focus on qualitative demand to fit seamlessly with supply and operate our off-market network.

What sets us apart ?

Off-market community

We have created a community of creditworthy buyers and reputable sellers who interrelate through our network. We list properties for sale only in our community.
Let us render your property exclusive or see if you are eligible to join our private network.

Trustworthy partner

From our first meeting to the completion of your project, our team will assist you in all stages of its execution.
From rentals, property management & transactions to residential development, reality strategy, investment advice, workspace design & more

Modern marketing tools

Given that we render the property market more exclusivist and consequently more enticing, we rely on leading-edge marketing technologies.
This allow us to take a quantum leap in the way we portray a property, be it for sale or for rent.

Our latest off-market listings