We want property seekers and house owners to be given a privileged position

We have combined our five-star hospitality and real estate experience to offer a service that goes beyond finding the perfect place. At Luxsquare real estate, we focus on exclusivity and the related experience by having created a private community of creditworthy buyers and reputable sellers.

The motivation for this is very clear, every individual wants to be addressed and served in the most pleasing manner possible.

As a home buyer you expect to be handled differently and get access to listings unattainable by the majority and simultaneously as a property owner, you require creditworthy unique buyers who make up their minds quickly unlike most enthusiasts.

About our community 

1 – How to join us ? 

We require the undermentioned elements in order to consider your application

House seekers requirements

– Recent proof of solvency (bank simulation,..)
– Contact details
– Search area clearly specified and visited.
– Confirmed budget (no min and max)
– Gmail/Outlook account
– Criteria clearly outlined and endorsed (type, sqm, services & facilities)

House owners requirements

– Proof of ownership (land registry extract,
– Contact details
– Exact location & detailed conditions of the property 
– Property previously not advertised or listed for sale (if not, contact us)
– Features about the property (type,sqm,facilities)

2 – Preliminary briefing

A trustworthy relationship is a valuable relationship

House seekers

As soon as we have successfully processed your application, we will be in touch with you to confirm your inclusion in our system and review once more your details. We will then provide all the necessary explanations for the proper conduct of your property search

House owners

Upon notification of your request, we will be in touch with you to complete our explanations and fulfill our information. We will then schedule an appointment to carry out a full valuation of your property and prepare a full report.

3 – Implementation and networking

Unless both sides win, no agreement can be permanent

House seekers

– 3-months exclusive search commitment required

Once our files are complete and our study is done, we draw up an agreement which allows us to propose buyers from our network to the home sellers.

House owners

– 1-month exclusive sales commitment required